How to Buy

What should I know before buying?

When buying in Tulum you have to consider that it is a market that is growing and that is expected to continue to boom during the coming years. It is the destination chosen by thousands of tourists to visit its jungle, its beaches, its ruins and its characteristic style. The growing demand for this place is making many people decide to make the investment of their life in this paradise.

What do I buy?

There are two types of units that you can buy.

Sale: These are the departments that are already finished and ready for use. Normally they are titled. Some already include the furnished.

Pre-Sale: We are talking about a unit that is about to be built. That gives you the option to be able to make deferred payments during the time of construction until delivery. In addition, you will be acquiring a unit around 25% below the market value it will have once it is finished.

How do I buy if I am a foreigner?

The way in which non-Mexicans buy is through a fideicomiso (bank trust).

The fideicomiso works through a bank that maintains the title of the property but leaves the foreigner to maintain the rights of the property. It has a duration of 50 years (renewable) and during this period the owner can sell, rent, inherit, etc.

Where to buy?

Tulum has been developed in different areas, being Aldea Zamá, Av. Coba, Centro, Veleta and Región 15 the best known.

Each one is in different stages of infrastructure, that’s why we help you choose the most convenient area according to your needs and preferences.

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