Why to Buy

Your Home

Without any doubt, buying a property in the Caribbean will change your life. You can come to your home and enjoy one of the most wonderful places in the world and, for other hand, you will also have in your hands a business model with which you can enjoy high profitability. An investment that will be adapted according to your needs.

Investment Model

The scheme as a business with the properties in the Riviera is the rent. In most cases, the vacation rental.

The growing demand for homes that offer comfort, good location and that at the same time give you freedom and the feeling of being at home, has made tourists decide to stay in condominiums. And now these offer amenities and services at a considerable price.

High Capital Gains

It is the ideal time to invest in Tulum. Why? Due to the increase in demand for visiting this place, it is estimated that the property value growth is between 8% – 10% per year.



The apartments that you can see on the website it’s estimated that you will get a return on investment (ROI) between 8% -14% per year. The numbers are based on the price per night that would be paid for the unit and based on the occupation obtained during the year.

There are three types of property management to obtain ROI:

1. Condo hotel

2. Vacation rental

3. Long-term rental

Find the home of your dreams

We will answer the questions that will come up when starting a process like this and you will discover that buying a property in Mexico is much easier than you could imagine

Jaguar Tulum House

We want you to find with us the house you’ve always wanted and the place you’ve always dreamed of. We want to be part of the investment of your life.